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Article introduction

Rheumatism kind the disease makes a lot of people pained, because such disease does not have too effective method to cure, can undertaking precautionary at ordinary times only, so a lot of slant advocate also rheumatism disease patients are paid close attention to, and frying salt is among them a kind, but fry salt to you can treat rheumatism? Frying salt perhaps is a method that everybody does not know, but really effective also to the cure of rheumatism arthritis fruit, can quicken haemal circulation, increase local strength.

Fry salt to be able to treat rheumatism

Fry salt to be able to treat rheumatism

1, the principle that thick salt hot compress treats a disease and advantage

Invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt, quicken haemal circulation, enhance local strength, and the action of hot compress basically is to make local skin temperature elevatory, muscle is loosened, skin blood capillary is outspread, the blood of whole body of local down to all can get because of this ameliorative circularly. And still research makes clear, tepid stimulation can of system of active and meshy endodermis gobble up ability, stimulative airframe the metabolism of all sorts of material, to all sorts of inflammation reaction all has favorable curative effect. And still can promote alvine path peristalsis, stimulative inflammation is absorbed, accelerate haemal circulation, alleviate constituent adhesion, improve local nutrition.

Physiotherapy effect: Saline bag hot compress ministry of the waist at the body, genu, shoulder ministry, the place such as abdomen, all can have sanitarian physiotherapy effect. The heat preservation sex of hot salt, osmotic strong, not only can will hot lukewarm pervade aspect inside, return at the same time can enrage the disease inside body, algidity is sucked. But flabby muscle, outspread blood capillary, increase sweat gland to secrete, stimulative blood circulates, raise the rate of airframe metabolism. Have lukewarm classics loose, diminish inflammation comes loose cold, alleviate aching action. Use at fistula of pain or numbness caused by cold to break down, lumbar acerbity backache, arthritis, chronic gastralgia, diarrhoea, neuralgic, wei symptoms caused by cold factors all has show effect. Stand to iron saline bag heat namely after cupping especially its affected part, often have the curative effect of get twice the result with half the effort, thereby advantageous with Fu Zhengqu evil, promote the rehabilitation of ill body.

Fry salt to be able to treat rheumatism

Hot compress of 2, thick salt goes Shi Quhan is acetanilide medicinal powder cold

To gouty patient, can use hot compress bag to be put at knee place to have alleviate pass the time in a leisurely way is painful, demulcent action, use haemal free for a long time to connect rheumatism to be able to have improve.

Divide this beyond, thick salt still has bigger external use sanitarian effect, especially the wind related to bone joint, cold, wet, pain or numbness caused by cold, painful wait for disease to use method of the hot compress that fry salt, can develop more acetanilide medicinal powder cold action. Treat articulatory and inflexible ache, two jins thick salt hot compress wrap up is in place of joint of aching, cold-blooded, every time hot compress 15-20 minute, cool gradually to thick salt can. This law can alleviate only articulatory ache, cannot replace medicaments, operation completely to wait, the patient is best as early as possible go to a doctor, lest delay,treat optimal opportunity.

3, note

(What 1) thick salt points to is the crystallization that the brine in seawater or salt well, salt pond, brine spring is basked in via boiling and becomes, namely natural salt, can be stimulated and promote the exudation of sebaceous glands, have sudoriferous effect, it can help the trash inside eduction body and redundant moisture. Some selling is done not have in big now market and supermarket, although be in Beijing,do not pass, still can find in a few small markets.

(The quality that 2) has what suck tide extremely easily as a result of salt, why to no matter use,plant heat means, the moisture in salt heating certainly when heating evaporates clean, (The salt after anhydrous cent can have slight ” ” noise) . Otherwise, because saline permeability is extremely strong, water branch soaks body inside, short time does not have an influence to the body, time is a bit long the conference is bigger to body generation damage!

(The salt that 3) uses: About the big grain thick salt of corn bead size, control with 4 jins every time, of salt basically component is

Fry salt to be able to treat rheumatism

NACL, through heating simply, its component won’t have too much change, can turn over re-roasting to come so, wash meter of used basket to be sifted in home of two weeks of application, time grew saline quantity to be able to decrease for certain, again a few more compensatory new thick salt goes in even if.

(Because 4) uses microwave oven to be able to have moisture and smeary. Do not suggest to use microwave oven. Saline bag need not when, place dry place, the attention is waterproof lest be affected with damp be affected with damp forms lump inconvenience to use

(The process of 5) hot compress: Good heat salt bag is put in hot compress place, it is OK to lie on one’s back or sitting, do not delay those who see TV perhaps get online, probably apply 1-2 hour went. Bit of thing can be built more above, in order to reduce hot be lost.

(6) holds saline bag: The length of bag with can sidewards covers the width of hot compress place is advisable.

(Hot compress place is placed to need foretaste temperature after 7) classics heats, when use, the temperature that includes like hot compress is higher, can be in affected part much gasket a few towel or do a cloth to cover, avoid scald;

(Cold bath hand is not used inside hour of second half of 8) hot compress or bathe.

(Commonner and larger warm boiled water should be drunk after 9) hot compress (cannot drink cold water absolutely or glacial water) , conduce to eduction body endotoxin;

(After 10) meal should not be inside a hour Wen Fu. Pulse is minutely more than 90 times above bans apply; to pass too be hungry, full, Bacchic the; that ban apply

(11) often cleans outer packing bag in order to maintain clean sanitation.

(12) period when best and temporary out of service.

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