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[the pig hoof agaric that stew has what effect] value of nutrition of _ effect _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Pig hoof and agaric are the common food in our life, pig hoof not only nutrition is rich, OK still hairdressing is raised colour, the beautiful that is called to be health care of preserve one’s health commonly is tasted, the action of agaric clear lung is first-rate, if stew pig hoof and agaric together, nutrition is abounded not only, if often eating, nourishing body is first-rate, the pig hoof agaric that stew is very get authority gay, tell nourishing body especially to the puerpera is first-rate.

 Pig hoof stews agaric to have what effect

The practice of pig hoof and agaric

The way of pig hoof and agaric is very simple, among them most those who let everybody like is pig hoof and agaric put stew together to drink, putting bit of soya bean next, if be of deficiency of vital energy,the person can take the Chinese traditional medicine such as bit of medlar. Soya bean can be put to be able to put medlar to still can put other a few Chinese traditional medicine inside anyhow pig hoof and agaric soup, very good to the body!

Pig hoof and agaric still can be fried eat, should stew pig hoof with high-pressured boiler above all ripe, bit of beer should be put during or cooking wine is waited a moment, these can go raw meat or fish, immerse agaric namely next 3 hours above, make agaric all be extended come, put garlic of the ginger that nod green to begin to fry next, flavour is very good also!

The effect of black agaric and appropriate crowd

1, the nutrition of black agaric value

 Pig hoof stews agaric to have what effect

Black agaric nutrition is rich, it contains some many microelement iron, can enrich the blood also can hairdressing, what can prevent the mankind effectively is anaemic, the vitamin K that contains in black agaric additionally still has apparent hemostatic effect, a variety of haemorrhage to the mankind kind the disease has alleviate action, contain in black agaric namely again natural colloid, it can clear the toxin of the stockpile in human lung and intestines and stomach, the action that discharge poison is particularly outstanding.

2, the effect of Hei Mu ear

Black agaric can fill gas raises blood, also can embellish lung relieves a cough to still can fall blood pressure can prevent cancer more, it contains a variety of natural part that fight cancer, what can increase human body cell is active, prevent cellular canceration, it is the optimal in the life prevents cancer to feed capable person, additionally it still can raise the active of cell of human body immunity, have very big gain to enhancing body immunity power.

 Pig hoof stews agaric to have what effect

3, black agaric appropriate crowd

Black agaric suits most crowd edible at ordinary times, suit those cardiovascular disease patients and calculous ill patient and anaemic crowd edible particularly, those spin industry support of the people are additionally tonsorial feed also should eat black agaric more at ordinary times, can clear the impurity of the stockpile inside the body outside giving put oneself in another’s position, but those multitudes that have haemorrhage sex disease and diarrhoea, it is unfavorable eat black agaric more.

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