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Article introduction

If got oral cavity ulcer, in food the respect must notice somewhat, the food of acrimony stimulation does not eat as far as possible, too the stodge also does not eat as far as possible, because this kind of food brings about accentuation of suffer from excessive internal heat easily, bring about accentuation of oral cavity ulcer, get oral cavity ulcer, had better not eat apricot, the place that prevents ulcer of antrum of speak or sing alternately produces undesirable stimulation, can eat a few fruits appropriately at that time, also should drink water more at ordinary times.

Can oral cavity ulcer eat apricot

Can oral cavity ulcer eat apricot

Do not suggest to eat, oral cavity ulcer can use spray of agent of watermelon frost gush at affected part, drink water more, do not eat the food of acrimony stimulation.

Can oral cavity ulcer eat apricot

What does the dietary contraindication of oral cavity ulcer have?

1, avoid eats excitant dressing to wait like chili, vinegar, ginger, green, anise. These food not only can cause ache, return face of can exciting ulcer, make its expand further.

2, avoid eats coarse and solid food to be like and so on of leg of scamper chop, fried chicken, nut. Because these solid food are easy,chafe in generation breaking through a face, aggravating illness.

3, avoid eats wine of chewing gum, chocolate, smoke, coffee, hot food and acrimony barbecue, deepfry is tasted etc. These are easy cause or the thing of ulcer of aggravating oral cavity.

Can oral cavity ulcer eat apricot

4, avoid eats abrade the food after, wait like biscuit end, corn or potato chips, because abrade the food after, easy conglutinate is in break through a face, the influence breaks through the heal of the face.

5, the food that avoid has eaten to iron. The soup of boiled water or boiling hot can not exterminate the bacterium of cankerous face, can cause stimulation instead. Accordingly, waiting for food refrigeration to be fed to the reentry after room temperature is best choice.

Eatable fruit:

Peach, peach contains a lot ofa variety of vitamins such as vitamin B, and still can defer consenescence, it is the fruit of a kind of rare. Peach also is one kind agrees with the good fruit of oral cavity ulcer, although have better effect to oral cavity ulcer,do not cross peach, do not have friendly intercourse for angle of intestines and stomach, still go against eat more.

Persimmon, persimmon also can prevent and cure effectively oral cavity ulcer. If let me choose, I choose persimmon to eat what fruity as oral cavity ulcer optimal answer, because of persimmon not only the cure of ulcer of antrum of speak or sing alternately has very big curative effect, the precaution to oral cavity ulcer also is to have certain effect.

Apple, the apple is very the fruit of economy that contains a lot ofa vitamin, suit compensatory vitamin very much. So this should be oral cavity ulcer to have the result that what fruity has compared.

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