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[? The practice of silk of potato of braise in soy sauce] how does _ do _ to make a method – net of people preserve one’s health

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Everybody has potato had eaten, the flavour that also knows potato is delicious, nutrient value is very high, the practice about potato also is very much, commonner is silk of potato of braise in soy sauce, nevertheless this dish can not be the braise in soy sauce in be being put in boiler with potato silk directly possible, had better be to add on a few steaky pork inside, such meetings have grow grow, more delicate and delicious, and mouthfeel and common Qing Dynasty fry potato silk, tasting is not quite same.

The practice of silk of potato of braise in soy sauce

Silk of potato of braise in soy sauce

Chinese name: Braise in soy sauce tomato patch

Basically feed capable person: Tomato patch, steaky pork


1, potato flay is abluent reserve. Green cuts chopped green onion, ginger cuts into shreds, anise reserves. 2, potato stripping and slicing. 3, oil is entered inside boiler, 4, fry into diced meat become angry. Explode anise of sweet green ginger. 5, enter potato, break up fry, often smoke into straw mushroom. 6, add water, after conflagration is boiled, stew 10 minutes, transfer into salt gives boiler.

The practice of silk of potato of braise in soy sauce

Braise in soy sauce tomato patch the nutrient value of gallinaceous piece

Chicken and human life have close relationship, machine wing of claw of chicken, chicken breast, drumstick, chicken, chicken, chicken giblets through cooking, become the delicate cate on people table, by what people calls nutrition most. In the meantime, gall bladder of oil of chicken, egg, chicken, the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard, chicken, chicken giblets, it is the medicine of aid world good people with indispensable people, chicken year word chicken, meaning the chicken in good fortune as one wishes year can bring to people lucky.

The practice of silk of potato of braise in soy sauce

> of << nutrition value>Gallinaceous Gan Ping slants lukewarm, nutrition is rich, the protein content of chicken is as high as 24.4% , the tall 1 / 3 that compares pig, ox, goose or 1 times above, and adipose content has 1.2% only, the buildup that eats chicken so constitution, won’t make a person excessive and obese again. Chicken beneficial the five internal organs, filling empty caustic, strong bones and muscles, arteries and veins of invigorate the circulation of blood, tone menstruation, stop leucorrhoea, it is the main burden in medicinal food of department of gynaecology.

Head of blood of bowel of gallinaceous liver, heart-shaped, chicken, chicken, chicken can be used as medicine, can move the internal organs of the body with ministry corresponding human body. Especially gallinaceous gizzard contains much digestive material, very good disappear is fed change accumulate action. The cock belongs to this world, filling sex belongs to shade as hen; hen, beneficial and old person, old hen is multi-purpose with the puerpera. Cock flesh appropriate and the man that fry chicken, gallinaceous silk, mix feed.

Chicken: ? ⒏ of Xian Shu of rotten hey of  of  of Xian of  of few of deceive of  of ζ of obituary of  of Liang of cut of  of grapes of ⒆ of  of  of  of smile favour Mo does Ju of Jia of ⑻ of vinegar of Jin of Ze of 9   whiz ≌ to fold Mi line of  of  of Di of few of captive of Xuan of  of 9  ζ bright hold  ?

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