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[the effect of water of the loquat leaf honey that boil? ] action of _ of _ bee syrup – net of people preserve one’s health

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A lot of people had eaten loquat at ordinary times, loquat tastes taste not only acerbity acid is sweet, and mouthfeel also is first-rate, it is more difficult to because loquat is saved,rise, accordingly the economic value of loquat is not especially other tall, the leave of loquat has officinal value, loquat leaf has the effect that embellish lung relieves a cough, if boil loquat leaf water to drink, imposing the sentence of honey next, have embellish lung to relieve a cough, protect hepatic effect.

Does loquat leaf boil the effect of honey water?

If loquat leaf matchs in order to have expectorant relieve a cough, the honey edible of the function such as scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, criterion nutrition is more rich, but wet one’s whistle relieves a cough,

The loquat leaf honey that boil is to take loquat leaf silk commonly, add the honey with ripe refine and right amount boiled water, mix divide evenly, a bit frowsty, fry with slow fire inside buy boiler come not to stick a hand to be degree, take out, put cool, can. Can clear lung relieves a cough, fall go against stop vomit. Use at lung to heat up cough, asthma of circulation of vital energy in the wrong direction is urgent, the stomach heats up vomit to go against, irritated heat is thirsty, expectorant relieve a cough, guttural Sao is urticant.

Does loquat leaf boil the effect of honey water?

Loquat leaf boils honey to be able to treat lung to heat up cough: Loquat leaf 9 grams, mulberry white skin 12 grams, the root of large-flowere skullcap 6 grams, water simmer in water is taken. Or leaf of sweet broil loquat 12 grams, white skin of sweet broil mulberry 15 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Actually loquat leaf can heat up cough with be being used at lung, wind heats up cough, lobar empty is long cough. Bitter sex of loquat leaf flavour is cold, have fall the result that the lung that enrage Qing Dynasty relieves a cough, cough with the heat that treat lung, can distribute the drug such as Huang Qin, the fruit-rind of Chinese trichosanthes with clear lung expectorant relieve a cough. Its flavour small laborious, hold gas of lung of can sparse release concurrently, reason wind heats up cough to also can match introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad before, Sang Xie to wait to relieve a cough with lung of scanty wind announce. Relieve a cough with its Li Jia, deserve to be able to treat lobar dry again with the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, donkey-hide gelatin cough; is long expectoration blood can deserve to be reached in vain, pink of lotus root section, unripe glutinous rehmannia, clam fries donkey-hide gelatin to fill with clear lung lung, relieve a cough if hemostatic; holds concurrently phlegmy much person,

Does loquat leaf boil the effect of honey water?

The action of loquat leaf has Chinese traditional medicine clear lung relieves a cough, fall go against stop the effect of vomit, commonly used at treating lung hot cough, circulation of vital energy in the wrong direction breathes heavily urgent, the stomach heats up vomit to go against,

Loquat leaf is Chinese traditional medicine the dry leaf of loquat of dicotyledon rose division. Xie Chengchang elliptic or form pouring egg, grow 12-30cm, wide 3-9cm. Tip needle, base ministry wedge, brim upside has scanty toothed, base ministry whole reason. Go up color of exterior celadon, Huang Zong or Gong Zong are lubricious, luster, issue exterior weak gray or palm green, close by maize fluff.

Loquat leaf has Chinese traditional medicine the town coughs, action of make expectoration easy, smooth asthma, loquat Xie Suohan suffers from Chinese traditional medicine the hydrocyanic acid that almond glucoside produces in the hydrolyze inside body has relieve a cough action. Agent of water simmer in water or content of extraction of ester of second acerbity second have effect of asthma of peace of make expectoration easy. The naphtha of its Xie Suohan has spend action of make expectoration easy gently. Also the report points out, loquat leaf relieves a cough action is strong,

And agent of simmer in water of loquat leaf water or ester of second acerbity second extract Chinese traditional medicine dysenteric bacili all has family name of content dialogue color or coccus of golden yellow grape, pneumonic diplococcus, blessing the action that fight bacterium. Loquat leaf does not have the action that fight bacterium, can stimulate coccus of golden yellow grape grow.

Additional, content of extraction of quench of loquat leaf alcohol is forked to bandicoot horn sufficient strut of dish glue be caused by is local have with medicine fight phlogistic action, other people of lukewarm dip extraction is local extract content fill stomach to all be not had to medicine to medicine, quench with medicine or fill stomach fight phlogistic action.

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