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[what kind of red wine just is good red wine] how is _ claret _ chosen – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Red wine points to bishop namely, grape juice can produce alcohol after the course ferments naturally, final meeting forms bishop. When red wine just is being formed, as a result of acetic acid more flavour is met too acerb, and decompose gradually as the growth acetic acid of time, flavour also can tend gradually gentle. So general the quality that we say to the time of red wine grows wine more is better also. So what kind of character should red wine have to just be good wine?

What kind of red wine just is good red wine

1, on colour and lustre, To strong illumination body of one go with wine, take a bit glance, excellent vintage is clear, transparent, without cloudy with precipitation. Excellent vintage is due and adjacent the true colour and lustre of former breed fructification.

Huang Zhong takes white wine Ying Wei green or Huangji of the lever that show standing grain is golden, overall it is brilliant bright ice is white, be full of burnish, every is shown miscellaneous Brown, explain quality is poorer.

Claret should show gules, amaranth or pomegranate is red, show gem via the claret of old wine rainbow of red, blood or dark red, on the whole ruddy brilliant bright, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared. The person that every fluid face shows puce, quality is poorer.

What kind of red wine just is good red wine

2, wine is sweet go up, Open Wen Yiwen, the grape fruit that excellent vintage should have aromatic Yue Yi is sweet reach thick and fragrant wine sweet. Fruit is sweet the natural aroma that comes from breed, wine is sweet it is brew is mixed store up form in the process, old wine time is longer, wine is sweet more full-bodied and abiding, mellow sweet continous is long.

What kind of red wine just is good red wine

3, drink in the mouth, Dry white wine is due pure and fresh, bright happy, pure feeling. And Gan Gong should have Gan Shuang, full-bodied, continous long, fruity feeling, all sorts of taste are balanced and unified proper, the person that every strings together flavour or not agree with with typical taste, quality owes beautiful.

4, from the bag mount looks, Whether does examination cork fill in normally in opening. If of protruding apparent or bottle is discrepant constant mucous, explain carrying with the damage in deposit process, the character of wine can be affected.

Good red wine should have of course drink a way correctly

3, the measure when drinking red wine, when pouring wine, the hand takes bottle to want to reach bottom with big toe, 4 hands point to the others to pin body gently, because red wine suffers the effect of temperature particularly easily, temperature teachs tall control to want to be far from body as far as possible. Red wine is placed long can produce a few precipitation, have certain effect to the mouthfeel of red wine, when pouring wine so, should exert oneself to do sth. even, gentle teem red wine, do not exert all his strength shake. Drink an end commonly, bottom should leave two centimeters or so tall red wine to be not drunk. Shake wine can make the unfinished in red wine complete ” wake ” the wine that come fills flavour of dispersive hair wine, the fragrance in letting red wine volatilizes to the greastest extent come out.

Drink red wine to had better distribute the meat kind, if color compares dark meat, flavour is heavy, pork, beef, hotpot is OK, drink white wine to had better match color to compare weak flesh, flavour is weak, seafood and so on.

Claret is the artwork that has life, its magical because it is full of,be fresh life former juice, contain deep historical connotation, was continuous exalted culture is accumulated. Tasting claret, experiencing joy, be lost in mysterious, nature is the wonderful artistic conception with god-given life. The tulip that takes curvilinear exquisite, glittering and translucent get rid of to appear when you cup is fine fine play, sway gently, listening to ice cube and cup body to bump the euphonic sound that give out, staring auroral wine juice to flow downward along cup wall slowly, go out fully coagulate when the glamorous sheen like fat, your heart is the unruffled, halcyon, harmony of what kind and elegant.

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