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[corn bilges gas] _ abdominal distension _ can – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Corn is a kind of commonner coarse food grain, also be a kind of staple food that we often eat, the crude fibre inside corn is more, should eat less to the person with maladjusted taste, because ate this kind of corn to may cause indigestion later, bring about easily bilge angry circumstance, in this the respect should notice somewhat, occurrence stomach bilges dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food must notice when enraging, eat more a few can promote digestive food.

Corn bilges enrage

Does the stomach bilge it what food spirit eats is good that what food spirit eats?

1, banana

Banana contains a lot ofpotassium, conduce to adjust level of the sodium inside body, prevent oedema and abdomen to bilge gas.

2, cucumber

Kind of yellow ketone is contained in cucumber element of skin of antioxidant Mongolian oak, conduce to decrease bilge gas.

3, papaya

Gas bilges to be able to eat papaya after the meal, the assimilation in papaya is enzymatic conduce decomposes protein, its cellulose still can be promoted digest. Eat papaya a few times to be able to adjust effectively every week function of intestines and stomach.

4, ginger

Ginger but slow digestion, loosen enteron muscle, reduce abdomen to bilge gas. Still contain in ginger what can digest protein is enzymatic, the abdomen that reduces protein to bring about bilges gas odds.

Corn bilges enrage

5, turnip

Bai Luobo is food of best scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, the turnip contains mustard oil and crude fibre, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, drive defecate eduction, so, the stomach bilges spirit can take a turnip.

6, yangtao

Yangtao is cleared the rubbish inside body, contain more prandial fiber and protein to decompose ferment, the harmful metabolization child that can pile up inside cleared body quickly. The small acid in yangtao, can promote Mo of intestines and stomach to move, reduce flatus, improve Morpheus position.

7, asparagus

Asparagus has diuresis effect, can help human body eduction redundant moisture, alleviate abdominal distension and unwell. The folic acid in asparagus is destroyed very easily, if use additional folic acid to should avoid high temperature boil,boil so, first-rate edible method is to use microwave oven small-power heat is ripe.

Corn bilges enrage

The stomach bilges angry symptom

1, gastral cavity is maintained bilge, the exterior has again bilge a kind of disease that full configuration behaves, can accompany at the same time have gastral cavity aching, disgusting, vomiting, cannot take food wait for clinical expression.

2, some patients still have have diarrhoea of belch, constipation alternant, calorific wait a symptom a moment.

3, abdomen bilges gas, carry on horizontal midriff, compress thorax, cardiac systole and diastole function are affected. Alvine antrum bilges gas, alvine internal pressure is elevatory, blood of influence bowel wall circulates. Celiac internal pressure is elevatory, issue suffocate suffocate of antrum vein circumfluence, because answer heart quantity to decrease, influence heart shoots blood.

4, the stomach bilges the patient rises early everyday or anteprandial, hind, all have belch appearance, accompany gas ejective, great to body injury. Congee of meal of not feel like eating, flesh, egg, cool matter, rice all cannot issue pharynx, the body is angular, spirit is depressed, neuropathic headaches to cover tightly with the bosom, companion with the breast ignore cold heat up suddenly.

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