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Is the harm of masturbation like bricky home place to say really? – flying Hua Jiankang net

In daily life we often can see all sorts of brick handed down from the older generations of the family sow the harm of masturbation, this is a kind irresponsible, consume popular behavior.

Masturbate, take an excessive word, be slant the word of derogatory sense. But in academic speech, this kind of behavior makes masturbate, it is one kind undertakes to oneself through oneself the sense organ spurs the action that produces sexual desire to arouse, do not have the cent that commend. The man’s masturbation, canal calling Lu, hit gun of plane, hatchet man to wait a moment.

Sex of opposite sex sex and masturbation are the mankind the the most general, mainest two individual character release a way. To most male, sex of opposite sex sex the first important, masturbate next. But to certain person, masturbation is instead the first important. Can say, in the life of people, so significant activity is very difficult controlled or eliminate. With Hegelian word for: “ keeps near at hand reasonable. ”

Gold surpasses sexology report to point out, in total population 92% have have the masturbation that achieves orgasm, the person of university culture has 96% , the philtrum of high school culture has 95% , the philtrum of culture has 89% under high school. This explains, masturbate, it is the mankind really in the center extremely general sexual behavior. And the masturbation of most person, began from adolescence.

Nevertheless, the frequency that the male masturbates, because of the person different differs very big. Never had had the few lifetime that count a person, somebody has had 9 times merely in lifetime, since somebody is long-term have 20 take second place on average every week much, somebody tall frequency arrives all the time marry, also somebody still keeps weekly 34 times till old age after marriage.

Masturbate, it is a kind of sex is released substantially. Satisfying the circumstance with opposite sex sex to fall hard, masturbation is best choice. Lu of Buddhist monastic discipline those believer, regarded masturbation as undoubtedly a kind of injustice. The natural demand of human body masturbates, but squelch however on spirit it, can not squelch again. From this, a lot of schoolboys were immersed in “ to restrain —— recrudesce —— to restrain —— to have a relapse again again in the dead loop of ” .

Come nearly a few years, doctor of pedagogic home, psychoanalysis, psychologist mixes a lot of sufferring to cross the personage that general medicine teachs to think all the time: Masturbation is right the action of the body, rather he the action of activities of any a kind of sex was not distinguished at all. If say masturbation causes what spirit to damage, because masturbate to “ ,that also is of ” the inner conflict that condemnation causes.

On thing of “ sex ” , appropriate is scanty unfavorable. Masturbate, want to be treated correctly only, do not have what disadvantage.

How to treat correctly, have suggested at 3 o’clock:

1. Establish proper understanding: Masturbation and other the action of activities of any a kind of sex was not distinguished at all; With different sexual intercourse closes is big eat, masturbation is snacks, have big food little snack.

2. Of Lu have: When doing not have sexual desire again strong Lu; Lu when do not bear all the time to defer the advent of the climax; The movement of Lu cannot too cloddish, get hurt carefully, speed moderate.

3. Of Lu have degree: Not too frequent, cannot have caustic body.

Anyhow a word, release oneself moderately, do not have to your body any disadvantage, can have certain profit instead, coquettish year people, small Lu happy affection, big Lu can hurt a body.

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