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Does epididymis phlogistic cure have He Te quality? – flying Hua Jiankang net

Epididymis is by fine, labyrinthian and very long canaliculus coil Qu Ercheng, its structure is very complex, epididymis phlogistic cure is relatively so difficult, very difficult complete recovery. The place that because epididymis is spermatozoon,stores again, so its action to fertility holds the balance. Because urethral stricture, prostate is proliferous, hind urethritis, prostatitis and commonner particularity infection, be like n/med tuberculosis and clap, spread through retrograde motion can cause epididymis phlogistic. So clinical the epididymis that go up is phlogistic begin from epididymis end more, and hematic travel infection often begins at epididymis head, but clinical go up scarce. Bilateral when epididymis changes unhealthily, can cause not Yo.

Epididymis phlogistic expression isShade cyst bilges, aching, but drag in radiates to leave abdomen and ham root department, walk disadvantageous. Feeling hasNodalOr nugget. The ache when acute is acuteness, very sensitive to feeling, can radiate to the waist. The bulk when acute can increase 1 times inside a few hours, leucocyte can add 2-3 10 thousand / cubic millimeter. Often turn round interblend confuse with spermary, if use handle gently to hold scrotal ache in the palm to alleviate, the specification is epididymis phlogistic, and spermary is turned round going up aggravate of the ache after holding scrotum in the palm.

   Chronic epididymis is phlogisticSeminiferous duct is added when thick, suo Zenghou of essence of life, ache property isSecret anguish, local examination epididymis submits nugget form, spend gentlyTenderness. It and epididymis tubercular differentiate a method is: Seminiferous duct of ① epididymis tubercular shows pattern of a string of beads; ② epididymis n/med tuberculosis and scrotal wall often have adhesion, form Dou Dao even, andEpididymis is phlogisticDo not have these two characteristics.

Withhold the patient’s fertility for utmost ground, cure be sure to complete. It is easy to should choose element of mildew of erythromycin, doxycycline, Lin Ke to wait dispersion enters male reproduction the antibiotic inside the path. Medical 4-5 day still uses after acute period symptom disappears, chronic period still should continue 2-4 week, in order to consolidate curative effect. Hold a scrotum in the palm, local cold compress, no-no sex, put an end to smoke, wine, hot food, preventHyperaemiaIt is the measure of effective.

Its prognosis is better than epididymis n/med tuberculosis, but do not heal for a long time all the same like not proper treatment, final meeting is in charge of antrum because of cicatrization block, lose fecundity thereby. The person that send shaped to become abscess repeatedly is feasible epididymis resection, if excision is bilateral,its fertility will not withhold epididymis.

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