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The spermatozoon that simple dietotherapy allows a man times add – flying Hua Jiankang net

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks spermatozoon is exiguous category of the fatigue that belong to empty, much because of a prioriGift is insufficient, or room service is excessive scathing kidney essence, or a serious illness is long ill, gas blood two deficient, kidney essence changes source deficient, bring about kidney essence finally to be not worth and cost disease, because this says the empty damage of kidney,be to cause the immediate cause with exiguous spermatozoon.

But the empty of kidney includes the field such as shade of this world of kidney gas, kidney, kidney again fortunately, after all the deficient empty of which respect can bring about spermatozoon exiguous? The author ever was opposite clinical the seminal analysis of many 80 seminal and unusual patient, reach: Seminal quantity is little basically concern with kidney shade inadequacy, and spermatozoon quantity is little inadequacy of shade of this world of as angry as kidney, kidney, kidney all matters, and 3 person more or less don’t deficient empty and spermatozoon amount have apparent difference. Practice still discovers medicine of filling this world basically has the effect that enhances spermatozoon vigor, and medicine of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood can increase spermatozoon amount apparently. What Zhang Jingyue says no less than: – filling this world of be apt to person, beg this world in shade surely, in relief get shade to aid and biochemistry is boundless, filling shade of be apt to person, seek back in this world surely, criterion Yin Deyang is aided and source is constant. – from this, no matter spermatozoon amount how many, as long as it is the person that cause by kidney empty, all can help improvement through Zhuang Yang food. Introduce dietotherapy to just be as follows now:

(1) leek, fresh shrimp meat each 150 grams, egg 1 jin, liquor 50 milliliter (wine of polished glutinous rice relatively beautiful) . Leek fries shelled fresh shrimps, egg, be eaten together with rice or bread, drink alcohol, everyday 1, 10 days are 1 period of treatment. Apply to the person that kidney this world declines fortunately.

(2) is holothurian and right amount, polished glutinous rice 100 grams. First will holothurian soak, analyse is washed clean, section is boiled sodden, polished glutinous rice is joined after, boil gruel, flavor take feed. The person that apply to kidney essence deficit.

Additional, often eat piscine shellfish food, be like flesh of eel, eel, shrimp, frog, benevolence flesh is like seed of the content that reach plant Song Ren, walnut, sesame seed, isothermal filling food, also conduce to spermatozoon generating.

ToConstitution of deficiency of yangAppearLittle choicePerson, yi Ke feeds the spermary of the animal, be like ovine spermary and so on, nature also can take pilose antler together, or add take edible formic, with Wen YangFilling kidney, add seminal zinc content, increase spermatozoon quality and amount.

(the exercitation edits: Cai Junyi)

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