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Wonderful man just is admired enough, I do not want to let my live in the be nervous, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, be envious of that does not have reason forever, still let me plant this popular is wonderful leave others, what I need actually is happiness of close homely of a kind of illicit.

For him I learned to drink red wine, learned to install a fair maiden

Had seen phoenix defend inspect interview big a camera lens when shaking: Big shake when speaking of she and Chen Kai song living together, her heart all good least of all things were come out by mining, her be envious of, self-abased, become shrew having a place, yearn water is sprinkled on other woman head, be fed up with even oneself oneself finally. Such marriage can choose to abandon only of course finally. Actually my feeling is the same as her word experience.

My before male friendly Yang Yuan appears in my elegance and talent luxuriant when. Saw me the first times of Yang Yuan fall in love with him. Yang Yuan becomes an officer in the foreign enterprise, on the career successful, his height is not quite tall, but the eye is very attractive, spell able and composed, a pair of very self-confident appearance. Yang Yuan such man nature is very action woman likes. Can be in those days, I think simply, this kind wonderful was gotten by me, belong my person merely, I am a lucky woman really. I am very proud when the hand that pulling him goes on the street, in the titter in the heart, yang Yuan satisfied all vanity end a female popular feeling really.

For Yang Yuan, I bought tin of soup of a few Bao, it is the sort of small mud pot that takes ear, the appearance of foolish foolish, I spend all idea in Yang Yuan to go up personally, breathing space of my meeting at noon is not considered on have a meal to go to a supermarket hurriedly, to choose fresh chicken meticulously piece, canister bone or pig hoof, beef, still do not have next my meetings to shift to an earlier date sneak away, come off work for Yang Yuan only it is good to can drink drunk boiling water: Chicken stews abdomen piece, abluent in cutting half fresh tomato to put kettle, this is Yang Yuan love; canister bone to stew pignut most taste is particularly good, it is OK to such Yang Yuan stomach is bad eating He Xigong persimmon can match beef of the; that raise a stomach together an Italian gust, yang Yuan can like hoosh …… now and then once Yang Yuan spends birthday, to prepare dinner, I sneak away two hours ahead of schedule an office, endured a boss the following day batch, but I still persist one’s old ways.

Everyday I am changing pattern stew, fry 9 again pale green the green vegetables that green jade appears, match the on 6 bubble any of several hot spice plants that reside surely to still have phoenix claw, place bowls Yang Yuanxi’s joyous celadon is small on the desk, what I think this is I and Yang Yuan happiness in those days is all, when doing these things, I am such be perfectly satisfied, I change water with the small fish shrimp that raises in the time water supply that await, sit in small stool next above see book edge wait for Yang Yuan to come back quietly, ground of be perfectly satisfied looks at him to eat.

Love Yang Yuan the more, I express to suspect to my appearance the more, I become special not self-confident. I always see brow eye stealthily before lens even profile: Feel brow is insufficient thick, eye is not quite big, the hair is not quite sexy I begin …… the book that reads him to love to read, eat him to love eating thing, know Yang Yuansheng is paid attention to alive, I won’t let him take me to go barbecue booth, actually I like to drink beer to eat barbecue to string together most, happy in sootiness fire burn yock, but for him I learned to drink red wine, learned to install a fair maiden, go understanding his be fond of with all idea, to love him, I did a lot of hooey, won’t say with him however, be afraid that he laughs at me. Base of my eye center has a Yang Yuan only, the cummer that knows me always reminds me: “ Li Hu, how did you become such? ”

A classmate speaks the story that the ground spoke he and another girl

The awfullest is not these, yang Yuan seems to have feminine reason quite. Draw near when the Spring Festival, yang Yuan prepares to take me to attend the evening party that their unit organizes, from get an information that momently I beginNervousThe ground turns over almirah, a ground tries on the body, be no good change, match shoe and ear hammer again, fully do sth over and over again a few hours, yang Yuan is laughing lightly aside: “ is a bit more informal, such good holding out. ” can be I do not have self-confidence right-down. First a day night, I am so excited that I did not sleep good night. The following day late banquet when, the belle is like the cloud, the evening dress of of all kinds is beautiful like a fashionable dress, I am wearing the long sleeve of a shallow pink to connect body skirt, was flooded at a draught, I keep buying my skirt part, managing to comb so that do whole hair flatly with the hand, seeming is defect should be masked all over. Sit to look at Yangyuan to carrying tall foot goblet to freely the ground moves back and forth in the crowd aside, cheer with the eyes with belles, I envy so that twist in the heart actually gave water, because of the word of a fun of a beautiful girl, after going back, I and Yang Yuan made a noise greatly, I am a little hysterical, throw pillow and cup on the ground, yang Yuan looks at me very strangely actually, said impenetrable.

Hou Yangyuan receives a mobile telephone in those days I am met nervous, hold his breath aside listen respectfully, the tone judgement that talks from him is male it is female, if the feeling is a woman, even if an average telephone call, also meet in my heart effervescent, must sleep to be not worn crankily in the evening become aware; Yang Yuan is laughing to mention a female colleague inadvertently, I search her about rapidly in brain with respect to meeting anxiously, undertake all sorts of eliminating next, sometimes I also can be myself jumpy and this kind is comical, but cannot help doing sth.

Final snafu on the party of college fellow student that appears in Yang Yuan, a classmate speaks at that time a paragraph of story that the ground spoke he and a girl, and this is I did not listen to him to had been told before, my face is white at that time, after coming out, on the driveway I begin cannot ground of keep within limits is forcing Yang Yuan confess, caused a paragraph of brawl naturally again, I fall under impulse unexpectedly at that time broke Yang Yuan’s glasses, in that one instant with broken glasses, I know our feeling also should be over. As a result of the unbalance of my heart, our brawl is increasing, two people are very exhausted, we parted company finally, although be in anticipation, I or pain extremely.

Dawn is embracing me to dance in the seaside, he takes off my high-heeled shoes, put gently aside, our bare is worn the foot turns on the beach, resembled becoming a person

This grows me two years long to did not involve feeling again later, my need is vacant, let oneself have adequate sober him knowledge. Come down calmly, I discover, actually this kind of wonderful man should not belong to me originally, I live too tiredly, abandoning a likelihood can be a favour to me.

A quiet dusk, I knew present gentleman dawn in accidental meal bureau. Dawn is the sort of in the very common man in person caboodle mixing, having homely smiling expression however, not conspicuous very warm however, actually I need this kind of warmth namely in those days, we know time to did not grow to marry. Do not be other, just feel very relaxed and comfortable together, I believe this is already enough. Love can be accumulated.

What the life thinks with me really is same, dawn resembles an uncut jade, look at ordinary, but experience the burnish of time the more, yi Yi is the more flashy. And I discover, find such man I just am true lucky, I need not again be nervous, of this kind of common man wonderful just leave me a person, won’t experience him because of alien the sort of exquisite.

Our idea often is met agree breathtakingly. One day late night, I want suddenly to eat hemp hot crayfish, dawn demur did not say with respect to for company I dress, we eat so that grow has taste in outdoor corner, to wind full mouth choke drifting oil gets tear drivel to flow to be able to be at ease however together yock; dawn wants to watch a football, I also am met he sees for company together, a bottle of beer still has one person one saucer earthnut, nest in; of the in full swing in little room we go together the argy-bargy spending dish that food market is 5 wool money, experience the fun with little life. We are together very comfortable, who also won’t feel disappointed. The day that is not together, he has his friend, I also have my life, I and girlfriend shop together eat ice-cream, drink iced soda water, see big, the dress with good-looking dress goes bubble, he can look at me to live labial red tine is in vain, lukewarm embellish is like jade, every time when I say my information to ground of his very familiar with sth, he is met ground of one face appreciation looks at me bright if spend. The meeting when I am dull sees talk feeling play, dawn is met sometimes I see for company and won’t say me to do not have grade, I won’t nerve often worries so that sleep to be not worn to become aware in the evening, sleep to day break in his arm.

We are in via regular meeting casual when remember opposite party. I have the thing with glad what, want to dial a phone to give dawn, tell him: “ my mood is very good. ” was hanged next, it is so simple however sweetness is meaningful.

Dawn understands all my be fond of, can be in of my birthday hit a phone suddenly to give me before today, laughing to say: “ lakelet, are you to want to go seaside? We go. I meet ” in the phone that heart has clever rhinoceros ground to laugh at phonate. Next our meeting asks for leave suddenly without any plan ground together, and dawn won’t worry to desertion accordingly the boss’ accredit. In the early morning of a spring, dawn takes me to come to the seaside, the sea still is the sort of weak cyan, catch my white skirt into a green, dawn is embracing me to dance in the seaside, he takes off my high-heeled shoes, put gently aside, our bare is worn the foot turns on the beach, resembled becoming a person, day person syncretic, finely sand is stroking my ankle gently, the sort of it is really adorably cannot Yan Yu.

I and dawn resemble two asteroid usually, move on respective orbit, when needing each other, we can appear beside each other, dawn can embrace me from backside when I make food, it is good that I give Bao when I fall ill drunk boiling water, deliver his anxious eyes to me. We are very busy, but can know what the other side thinks.

Once dawn is away on official business, in the evening at 11 o’clock when, my phone rang, transmit the sound of dawn, he says: “ lakelet, did you sleep? In the center of 6 are putting old piece, you love to look. Then I climb from the bed, in the two end of be apart a thousand li, we look together, when trailer music rings, dawn can be hit into the phone, we can be experienced a little, two people are a how good thing all one’s life so.

I more and more enjoy man of this kind of homely, because the life is honest, restful ability of the heart is forever. Wonderful man just is admired enough, I do not want to let my live in the be nervous, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, be envious of that does not have reason forever, still let me plant this popular is wonderful leave others, what I need actually is happiness of close homely of a kind of illicit.

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