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Wife is fond of carry on a clandestine love affair to still do not let me be in charge of her – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

I and wife college fellow student, at that time, she often publishs an article in school website, I am attracted by place of her ability and insight, I at that time is student union chairman, two tasted the person that learns to hold actor concurrently to perform a paragraph to let alumnus people the love story of clinking envy.

After the university graduates, to break ‘ university amour graduation dies the demon cuss of ’ , wife hurries off to job of my home town, the marriage of our follow a rational line to do some work well after working two years had a lovely child.

My natural disposition is corrupt play, wife is obsessed with literary creation, when so that I often am mixed,coming home after the friend is malty on ground booth, wife still bends over to study her written language before computer.

My all along advocates equality of men and women, wife is right of network literature be obsessed with me to do not have any complaint approximately, just now and then be afraid that her idle is in the home to cover tightly a bit, can invite she and me actively to go out to act wildly together, but the request that wife did not promise to cross me almost.

Recently, travel sex, I discover wife unlike is so enthusiastic former days, and be opposite with me when inspecting, eye deities shows existence to dodge, I know wife has idea for certain, had asked a few times, wife says ‘ I everyday besides the job, the gate does not give 2 to be not stridden, can have what thing ’ , for this, I also am done not have too put on the heart.

Last night, I watch TV in the sitting room, wife develops a bath in toilet, my mobile phone is played give a news about the house, because the mobile phone sees news inconvenience, I am searched, the chatting head portrait that sees wife twinkles, of cheap of my while you’re at it give peek, do not look not to know, look frighten jump, original, wife has good friend of a lot of opposite sexes in network world, mix even among them what man of a few opposite sexes goes is very close had had one-night standing action, and it is when taking the advantage of me to be away on official business, wife takes those cheap men my my home.

Before I sit in computer at that time, give foolish dropped, so that wife what moment is wrapping around,bath towel stands before me, I do not know. It is wife discovers I am in peep she chats to record and put out chatting tool forcibly, I ability delay is too magical. At that time, a kind of above be emerginged by the feeling of humiliate, computer of my angry general is thrown broken go up and use crural general of computer stamp one’s foot rare cling to sodden.

Although say wife sends poisonous oath to won’t betray me again, but I lie on the bed to toss about however, all night difficult Mian, I had never thought a so gentle woman is in network world is one is wrapping around simply the wolf of sheepskin. Be I see an eye really.

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