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The practice of eight treasures drumstick

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  • The practice of eight treasures drumstick, how is eight treasures drumstick done delicious

      [Advocate expect complementary makings]

    Clean chicken (50 grams) , vegetable oil (1500 grams) (restrict cost 200 grams) , banger (50 grams) , shelled fresh shrimps (25 grams) , water sends Xianggu mushroom (50 grams) , water sends a squid (50 grams) , winter bamboo shoots (50 grams) ,

       [Cook a method]

    1. All cut pork and chicken Xiaoding. Xianggu mushroom, squid, winter bamboo shoots, banger, dried, shelled fresh shrimps cuts the grain with big pea respectively. Egg is entered hit into egg fluid inside the bowl, add flour, humid amylaceous air to become egg paste.

    2. Fry internal heat of boiler buy flourishing, below ripe lardy burn heat, put stir-fry before stewing of pig diced meat, chicken diced meat to fry, add soy, refined salt, gourmet powder, green again paragraph, Jiang Mo, shelled fresh shrimps, dried, banger, squid, winter bamboo shoots and Xianggu mushroom, fry since to plan dry appear flavour, boiler makes stuffing since.

    3. Pig net oil cuts 10 of 13 centimeters of square piece, put ripe stuffing respectively first, place the upside of drumstick bone on stuffing respectively again, blast of the boiler below one by one is ripe, with strainer fish out.

    4. Good scamper net oily drumstick is filled dish in, carve patterns or designs on woodwork is adorned among. Spinach page is hot ripe, put in drumstick to ask to be become namely.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    Fried chicken leg, one by one leaves boiler, scamper fizzles out to gold color, upright boiler leaves anger, float blast 5 minutes, outside crisp in tender, mouthfeel only then beautiful.

       [Gust characteristic]

    “Dish of name of tradition of sanded area of chaste tree of department of ” of eight treasures drumstick. Make a skin with pig net oil, 8 kinds of rare raw material such as shelled fresh shrimps, squid, Xianggu mushroom, winter bamboo shoots are made inside, wrap drumstick form, blast of the size that hang paste is made and become, ” of drumstick of renown ” netting. Smooth of this dish glossy, fine article, gallinaceous flavour is full-bodied. Taste slow, xian Xianwei is hot, special flavor is unique, inviting appetite.

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