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Skin the practice of element of meat or fish

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  • “ skin the standing dish that ” of element of meat or fish is restaurant formerly, taste because of dish big, economy is substantial and the welcome of the person that be fed, become Hangzhou a quite influential traditional dish. This dish pays attention to raw material of element of meat or fish anthology match, chicken, flesh, shrimp, abdomen, Shi Sun, agaric, skin of soya-bean milk, it is the breed that its choose, element of meat or fish is mixed burn, bright sweet tasty, flavor diversity, nutrition is rich, have local gust distinguishing feature.

    Skin the practice of element of meat or fish, skin how is element of meat or fish done delicious

      [raw material]

    Advocate burden: Skin of soya-bean milk 9 pieces, oar shelled fresh shrimps 50 grams, ripe chicken 50 grams, ripe pig abdomen 50 grams, pig lean lean 50 grams, ripe bamboo shoot 30 grams, water sends skin 100 grams, water sends agaric 15 grams.

    Condiment: Green paragraph 3 grams, bai Shang 150 grams, soy 15 grams, refined salt 1 gram, gourmet powder 1.5 grams, white sugar 2 grams, carry on wine 5 grams, wet starch 25 grams, cooked food is oily 500 grams (restrict cost 75 grams) , ripe lardy 150 grams (restrict cost 40 grams) .

       Skin the practice of element of meat or fish:

    1. Chicken cuts what grow into 3 centimeters or so piece, an a; abdomen, pork that skin cuts 5 centimeters to grow, bamboo shoot is cut slightly short full-length film. Skin of soya-bean milk folds all together becoming 6, tremble medicinal powder.

    2. On medium baking temperature of the buy that fry pan, oil issueing Lai comes 4, 5 when becoming heat, put skin of soya-bean milk, scamper shows golden yellow fish out.

    3. Boiler buy burns heat on flourishing fire, below ripe lardy burn to 4 when becoming heat, slip the boiler below shelled fresh shrimps medicinal powder, go into strainer drop oily.

    4. Former boiler leaves oily a few, green paragraph, cutlet enters boiler summary stir-fry before stewing, join carry on wine, soy, refined salt, white sugar, put chicken, abdomen, bamboo shoot, agaric, skin, join Bai Shang, after burning boil, good scamper skin of soya-bean milk burns moment again into boiler, join gourmet powder namely, move with wet starch rare tick off Gorgon euryale, bump is moved fry pan, irrigate on lardy 15 grams, outfit dish scatter on slippery ripe shelled fresh shrimps is become namely.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1. Pick good stuff, the rich in relief special local product that corrupt skin wants to use thin-skinned oil profit east chicken of; of skin of corrupt of hill of a depressed place, pig, shrimp, abdomen, bamboo shoot all ask fresh and tender qualitative actor, skin should be sent fully fair and clear. In be being made up actually, raw material breed can be mixed according to the supply of goods at that time consumption level, below the circumstance that assures basic taste, cent burden can make the ministry change exchange appropriately.

    2. The mature processing of raw material wants proper, the skin that be like corrupt cannot scamper is anxious, the flesh cannot be burned old, shelled fresh shrimps should slip Yu Bai is tenderly ripe etc.

    3. When stir-fry before stewing is fried, mixing procedure is proper, bump is fried even, make dish maturity tasty consistent.

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