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Qing Dynasty fries the practice of balsam pear lily

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  •  Summer often should eat balsam pear, balsam pear is cool sex food, can clear fire, prevent heat to heat up.

    Qing Dynasty fries the practice of balsam pear lily, qing Dynasty fries balsam pear lily how to be done delicious

    Advocate makings: ? 100g of rostellum?00g, bright lily.

    Complementary makings: ? Handsome ⒀ asks fade persimmon persimmon 5g of?g of handsome ⑺ Bo, medlar, water is amylaceous gallinaceous essence is right amount, right amount.

       Qing Dynasty fries the practice of balsam pear lily:

    1. Get ready to feed capable person abluently.

    2. Lily is broken piece. Balsam pear cuts thickness even piece, bloat with a few salt Yan hind is abluent salinity, filter uses up water. Medlar bubble is sent.

    3. Boiler of buy of medium baking temperature: Right amount oil pours after pot is hot, 6 garlic end is put when becoming heat.

    4. Garlic powder explodes sweet hind enter balsam pear, turn conflagration breaks up quickly fry several times.

    5. Enter lily again piece break up quickly fry, fry to lily piece a bit transparent just broke unripe.

    6. Boil enters thin Gorgon euryale, scatter medlar.

    7. Break up quickly fry bright oil, turn small fire puts right amount salt, gallinaceous essence closes the boiler since fire after mix up flavour and divide evenly.

    8. Fill dish in, can enjoy delicate Qing Dynasty to fry balsam pear lily.

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