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Two are helpful for the world of cookbook _ cate of development of baby head ministry

Two are helpful for the cookbook of development of baby head ministry

2016-11-16 15:07:36

The children before school age should pay attention to the absorption of the health of oneself and nutrition, small make up proposal parents to be able to make a few food that are helpful for cerebral ministry development more, recommend the following type of dish of 2 children health.

Corn of piscine silk braise

Clean yellow croaker of ◆ material ◆ 150 grams, corn 100 grams, egg 1 (take egg white) .

Water is oil of vegetable of ◆ condiment ◆ , salt, Xian Shang, dry starch, amylaceous each are right amount.


[Flay of 1] yellow croaker, go pricking, change a knife to be cut piece, clear water rinse, increase salt, egg white, dry amylaceous size stand-by.

[2] oily boiler burns heat, into slices of fish meat slippery oil reachs ripe fish out below, drop oil.

[3] boiler is abluent, put right amount Xian Shang, burn boil to add salt, burn into corn, slices of fish meat burns boil, water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, drench ripe oil can.

Dried shrimps wax gourd

Wax gourd of ◆ material ◆ 500 grams, dried shrimps 100 grams.

Salt of ◆ condiment ◆ , cooking wine, green, ginger, soup-stock, plant is oily each are right amount.


[Flay of 1] general wax gourd, flesh, abluent, bubble of section; dried shrimps is sent, abluent; green, ginger parts abluent, cut silk.

[2] oily boiler burns heat, silk of sweet green of boil in water for a while, Jiang Si, dried shrimps, put soup-stock, wax gourd again piece, cooking wine, stew with medium baking temperature ripe hind, join salt to flavor can.

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