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The world of cate of daily food _ that 15 kinds of nutrition abound pregnancy food

The daily food that 15 kinds of nutrition abound pregnancy food

2017-04-06 17:18:59

To make fetal growth good, must absorb sufficient nutrition, the nutriment such as protein, calcic, iron, vitamin also wants balanced, cannot partiality for a particular kind of food. Pregnancy allows mom to should eat, nutrition is rich, have the food of advantage to fetal development. Actually, when be pregnant, also a lot of food can solve slander already, nutrition is rich, recommend below a few.

After accurate mom is pregnant, always fear oneself are additional the requirement that nutrition cannot satisfy fetal baby growing development, then everywhere recipe of food of seek by inquiry. A few general are recommended to know common food below.

1, almond is in pan a little stew, sweet fragile and contain a lot ofprotein

2, apricot doing was full of vitamin A, bring healthy skin, eye and skeleton for you

3, yoghurt of bead of sweet fragile fruit + cornmeal contains a lot ofrich calcium qualitative, protein and cellulose

4, the small biscuit carbohydrate that cornmeal makes is particular sweet smell, can complement energy

5, the hemp steamed twisted roll that cornmeal makes is delicate, with snacks eat a law to increase cellulose

6, the super snacks that half banana coils to add protein to be equal to a nutrition into Potassium of whole wheat bread

7, the protein that completely ripe white coddle can obtain at any time

8, the vitamin C origin with perfect yangtao

9, grape and the small bomb that the tomato is installing vitamin C

10, the gift with fresh sweet cherry, contain vitamin C

11, La Mei is blue perhaps while berry doing has delicate vitamin C, yield your times feeling surprise

12, the vitamin A with mango rich piece, the cell that conduces to fetal darling grows

13, muskmelon piece deserve to go up the feeling that lime abounds prosperous vitamin A and C to regain consciousness to you

14, cabbage coils vitamin A and C are super much food, be a vegan love most

15, ” vegetable soya bean ” or ” sweet beans ” saline edible is scattered after thoroughlying cook refrigeration, contain A of protein, vitamin, iron and calcium

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