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Pregnant woman has 4 kinds of fish less the world of cate of more healthy _

Pregnant woman has 4 kinds of fish less more healthy

2017-12-05 17:08:54

Pregnancy eats can compensatory to the fish high grade albumen and DHA, pregnant Mom is healthy, darling is cleverer also. Pregnant woman eats although the fish is good, but what mom should notice is, have what mother of pregnant of 4 kinds of fish must have less! Follow below small make up look together!

Wild fish: Because the environment is polluted, wild fish may be rich collect the contaminant that a few expect are less than, pregnant Mom can not risk this danger.

Give birth to slices of fish meat: The fish that did not thoroughly cook may be put in the problem that is polluted by bacterium and helminth, and naked eye is aware of hard, pregnant Mom can not eat.

Salty fish: International cancer research organization already labelled Chinese type salty fish the first kind to cause cancer, pregnant Mom must eat little.

Large carnivorous fish: Resemble the big fish of and so on of shark, dorado, dorado, contain mercuric amount commonly the meeting is taller, eat more can let fetal become stupid.

Coal tub installs tuna: The mercury that tuna contains because of place is little and was not included pregnant woman abstinence limits. But the personage that is in charge of drafting mercuric regulation thinks, women eat tuna of a lot of canned during be pregnant also is bad, some areas had restricted pregnancy woman every weeks to eat the quantity of tuna not to exceed 198 grams.

It pregnant woman has what fish is good that pregnant woman has what fish

Pregnant woman eats black carp to filling gas raises a stomach, change wet benefit water, dispel the wind to divide irritated wait for a function. What its contain the microelement such as zincic Selenium to conduce to fight cancer.

Pregnant woman eats cuttlefish to blood of grow liver kidney, filling gas, clear stomach goes the function such as heat. Have raise blood, bright eye, stimulate the menstrual flow, install embryo, benefit to produce, hemostatic, urge the function such as breast.

Pregnant woman eats a carp to have be good at lienal detumescence of appetizing, diuresis, relieve a cough the function such as smooth asthma, clear hot detoxify. In the meantime, have the effect that brings an embryo to connect breast to pregnant woman

Pregnant woman eats a silver carp to have the function such as skin of Wen Zhongyi gas, warm stomach, embellish, it is food of preserve one’s health of Wen Zhong filling gas. The bean curd fish that boil is a kind of very good tie-in means, alimental of two kinds of high protein amino acid be able to complementary better to pregnant woman.

Pregnant woman eats snakeheaded fish to have fill lienal benefit water, go Yu gives birth to the function such as kidney of new, clear hot dispel the wind, filling liver. Red jujube of snakeheaded fish and ginger is boiled feed auxiliary to treating tuberculosis to have action. Snakeheaded fish and brown sugar are stewed take can treat nephritis. Pregnant woman eats steamed snakeheaded fish to be able to urge breast to enrich the blood.

Pregnant woman eats crucian carp fish to be enraged benignantly be good at lienal, benefit water detumescence, clear hot detoxify, connect the function such as the breast below subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy. Ascites patient boils Shang Fu to feed in all with fish of bright crucian carp and bare red bean have curative effect. With fresh crucian carp fish and pig hoof are the same as cook over a slow fire, connect soup edible, can treat pregnant woman to breed less. Crucian carp fish oil is helpful for cardiovascular function, still can reduce haemal viscosity,

Pregnant woman does not love to eat a fish how to do

Edible fish oil. Pregnant mammy had better choose to be abstracted for raw material and be become with deep-sea fish the sort of.

Use nut to should add meat. Nut fat kind content is rich, can regard a kind of nutrition that does not eat piscine pregnant mammy as replenishers.

Vegetable oil is chosen more when making food. The very good origin that vegetable oil is like oil of cage of soybean oil, rapeseed oil, Gan to wait is fatty acid, but should control dosage.

Pregnant woman does not love to although can eat above,have a fish a few kinds of food will replace, but a lot of nutrition of fish remain what other edibles cannot replace.

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