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Of cancer patient ” 4 names fill ” the world of square _ cate

Of cancer patient ” 4 names fill ” square

2012-02-07 14:26:55

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Of cancer patient ” 4 names fill ” square

Nowadays, patient of a lot of cancer exists in dietary respect error. Whats dare have a kind of person, want ” starved to death ” cancer cell. Another kind of person thinks cancer wants engorge to fill greatly.

The different period of different cancer patient and cancer, food must differ somewhat. Cancer early metaphase belongs to the heat inside deficiency of yin with irritability more, ying Jixin is lukewarm hot and dry the food of attribute; In cancer terminal it is chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering of body resistance more, advocate lukewarm filling taste, beneficial enrages heart’s-blood on food, and the gender is belonged to cold cool food, should eat less or do not eat. Improve the nutrient condition of airframe through scientific food, can improve remedial effect and life quality.

Of cancer patient " 4 names fill " square

The taste of cancer patient drops, appetite drops, digestive function is very poor. The expert thinks, should the digestive ability according to the patient, take a few much meal, degree of finish is tie-in, fluidity, pap and feed forcedly alternant, sweet the form such as salty crossing-over. Staple food is given priority to with range of congee, line and cooked wheaten food. Cancer patient is daily the total quantity of heat that absorbs from inside food should not ask under the lowest of normal person, give priority to with high grade albumen, be like egg, milk, flesh kind, bean products.

To this, tumor division expert is the common cancer patient such as cancer of the stomach, lung cancer, liver cancer and nose pharynx cancer to leave piece ” 4 names fill ” dietotherapy square:

Of cancer patient " 4 names fill " square

Cancer of the stomach — eat to drink milk fish, less more

After patient of cancer of the stomach does gastrectomy, inchoate and unfavorable drink milk, drink milk easy cause diarrhoea, and terminal also should drink milk less. Food is given priority to with be good at taste, can eat meat of pork, duck, do not advocate commonly eat chicken, beef, hotpot kind also should eat less. Boiled in clear soup of rabbit meat appropriate, unfavorable braise in soy sauce. Have squamate fish more, if grass carp, carp, yellow croaker, silver carp waits, have the fish that does not have scale less, wait like eel.

Lung cancer — lily almond congee

Lung cancer patient also can drink lily congee, almond congee more, but take into consideration the circumstances chooses lung of teal, pig, tremella to wait. Body empty, tongue is qualitative red when can choose black and white agaric, honey. Phlegmy much, cough the person that breathe heavily but edible potherb mustard, bamboo shoot, bullhead, turnip, loquat. Yellow pus phlegmy a long time but edible unripe pear, persimmon.

Cancer of the liver — drink carp boiling water

Patient of cancer of the liver can eat milk more, the patient has icteric when but edible carp soup, clove; When ascites optional feed wax gourd, lettuce, red bean, carp, watermelon to wait.

Nose pharynx cancer — the tuber of dwarf lilyturf or wring a blue make tea

Easy occurrence mouth does patient of nose pharynx cancer, the symptom such as buccal suffering, dry cough, this kind of symptom belongs to a constitution to slant empty is hot, can choose American ginseng to stew duck, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf make tea or wring a blue make tea to drink, also can use nourishing kind of bird’s nest egg that stew.

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