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The world of cate of _ of action of dietotherapy of alimental of 6 kinds of the daily life of a family

Action of dietotherapy of alimental of 6 kinds of the daily life of a family

2013-12-17 11:41:15

Guide language: Although delicacies of every kind is goluptious, not certain however health. In the dietary tradition of the chiliad on China, ancestor people left a few native land food, although they look be like ordinary, however conduce health is macrobian. For instance pine nut — this small food accumulate containing abundant oil, can help defecate, moist skin.

1, skin of embellish of pine nut clear bowel.

The pine nut like pearl, apply in conventional drive board extensive, all along is regarded as to have nourishing powerful body effect. The grease component with substantial pine nut, not only can help defecate, return OK and moist skin. In the meantime, pine nut is high grade grease origin, contain multivariate not saturated fatty acid, can alleviate inflammation reaction.

How to eat the most healthy: Pine nut quantity of heat is higher, scatter a dot to be on meal at ordinary times, every time a small.

2, garlic is antiphlogistic antiseptic.

In the time that does not have antibiotic, garlic is acting important helping part. Before necessary salt follows garlic when march, salt uses complement mineral, garlic is used antiseptic with precautionary disease. Latter, garlic also can be reduced by discovery cholesterol. But unripe garlic is hot excitant strong, gastritis, sore throat, haemorrhoid, eye is red, accordingly long the person of whelk, unfavorable eat garlic raw.

How to eat the most healthy: Avoid hollow edible garlic, can use boil, fry or do pickle, reduce its acrimony stimulation. Or it is tie-in boiled dumpling, cooked wheaten food eats together, hurt a stomach not easily.

3, Chinese cabbage relieves a cough expectorant still fight cancer.

Understand cookbook of more and delicate Chinese cabbage, recommend beautiful day special subject: 100 dish are inferior to Chinese cabbage

Action of dietotherapy of alimental of 6 kinds of the daily life of a family

Withered of winter everythings on earth, chinese cabbage however still as pine euqally fresh and green, be welcomed generally by people. Look in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, chinese cabbage is OK heat of solution of allay a fever, relieve a cough expectorant. Modern science discovers, the nutrient value of Chinese cabbage is high, sort is much, can eat all the year round, it is the most popular star that fight cancer. Winter is the good season that has Chinese cabbage, the fiber with rich Chinese cabbage and vitamin C, what vegetables and fruits of OK and complemental winter absorbs is insufficient. But the person of Xu Han constitution, do not suit to eat the Chinese cabbage of raw or cold food in great quantities, be like pickle.

How to eat the most healthy: When having chaffy dish, did not forget to add bit of Chinese cabbage more as far as possible, the gas with hot and dry clear up.

4, congee protects gastric filling vigour.

Know the way of more and delicate congee, recommend beautiful day special subject: Grow take a tonic to build up health gives birth to congee

Congee is in infusion process, already released the significant component in food deliquescent in Shang Shui, because this is digested very easily to absorb, suit weakling of have a poor appetite, body. The dietotherapy effect of congee is Protean, congee of very light blue has congee of antiseptic effect, celery to be able to make relieve oneself smooth, scatter in boiling hot congee on scallion, can prevent a cold… in addition, congee still can assist medicaments to achieve better curative effect, for example the Chinese traditional medicine such as almond, tuckahoe material, must with congee an edible, ability lets medical effect last, achieve better result.

How to eat the most healthy: Hot congee is best, it is better to cooperate salty congee of boiling water of broth, food or vegetable infusion, can let food nutrition elite be absorbed.

5, kelp help defecate does not gain flesh.

Quantity of heat is low and be full of colloid, mineral kelp is the hairdressing health food that suits modern very much. Kelp contains a lot ofsolubility fiber, digest more easily than common thread absorb, help smooth defecate. The biggest advantage is, kelp quantity of heat is low, as the late food mug-up need not worry about get fat, suit to love beautiful woman very much.

How to eat the most healthy: Kelp and vinegar are the tie-innest, vinegar can let kelp bate, can try kelp of cold and dressed with sauce of try out vinegar. Add the kelp boiling water of ice cube, can highlight acetic acidity, mouthfeel is more relaxed.

6, buckwheat step-down aids Morpheus.

Buckwheat is contained puissant fight oxide, can fall hematic fat, enhance hemal flexibility, prevent blood to condense, it is the very good food that protect a heart. In addition, its fall blood pressure and the result that help Mian are very good also. Buckwheat or very good large intestine scavenger, fiber content is 6 times of rice more general, have so ” clean bowel is careless ” say.

How to eat the most healthy: Can the buckwheat flour cold and dressed with sause, soup that boil. OK also remove evaporate or boil buckwheat and rice congee.

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