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Increase of fall filling gas enrages 10 kinds of food to be able to accomplish _ cate the world

Increase of fall filling gas enrages 10 kinds of food to be able to be accomplished

2016-09-20 10:29:17

Deficiency of vital energy can cause conversation weak, slight movement also can appear the circumstance with kubla khah of all over the body, cadaverous complexion. Since deficiency of vital energy, so be about to learn filling gas. Nevertheless filling gas also pays attention to a method, enrage through choosing proper food to be able to fill effectively!

The practice of Xianggu mushroom cole

The food of filling gas 1, fungus

Edible bacterium contains high protein, without starch, low adipose, without cholesterol, much more amino acid, low candy, much more prandial fiber, much vitamin, much more mineral. Edible bacterium is called sacred food, macrobian food, focussed all good character of food, nutrient value is very high.

The food of filling gas 2, tomato patch

The microelement that contains rich Potassium, calcic, iron, magnesium to wait for human body place to need tomato patch. Accordingly, can benefit tomato patch the stomach is angry, OK still bowel of beneficial gas detoxify, embellish is aperient, reduce weight fall energy of life of detumescence of fat, invigorate the circulation of blood, beneficial is strong body, hairdressing and fight consenescence.

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